Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Garden Tour

This backyard garden has been through a big transformation. Where the current brick patio is, there was once a garage. We are still working on the details, but find the yard very relaxing. Although these pictures were taken after the first blooms of summer were removed, here is a tour of my backyard garden. I hope you find something of interest in my yard that you can use in yours...

Thanks for putting on the tour!

Happy Gardening,
Part-time Gardener


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

It's so pretty! I love it!

Joanne Kennedy said...


Cindy from Romantic Homes told me about your blog. So I thought I would stop by and say hi.

I love your yard. It's so pretty and relaxing. That angel statute is beautiful! Love it.

I'm sure I will be coming by often.

Looking foward to getting to know you better.


Sue said...

Thanks for sharing. I love that angel- what a priceless expression!

Wagonwife Designs said...

Cindy, Your garden is beautiful. I love the curves and how they draw you into the landscape. The angel is stunning. Thanks for sharing your garden. Debra

pedalpower said...

Lovely! I adore all the rock walls.

Kelli said...

Everything is beautiful! What a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the summer!

Bobbie said...

beautiful! Love that statute and the brick walls! Its beautiful!

Catherine said...

A beautiful blog you have, and a beautiful garden!! Enjoyed my first visit & tour of your summer garden! Thanks for the tip on dead heading alstromaria's in earlier post..and I love the rock and brick work..gorgeous! Beautiful flower's!
And I have been wanting to try growing a tomato plant hanging upsided down from a pot..thanks for the easy direction's!
Have a beautiful week!